What Companies Recycle Pallets in the United States

December 12, 2023


Pallet Removal


Top Pallet Recycling companies in America.

Pallet Recycling is a large industry in north America. There are both large and small pallet yards operating across the united states. Below is a list of the largest recyclers


Kamps Pallets

Kamps pallets is one of the largest pallet recyclers in the united states. They have over 400 locations and provide pallet recycling services nationwide


48 Forty Solutions

48 Forty is another massive recycler in USA. With end to end pallet services the both buy and sell pallets in all 50 states


Used Pallet Recycling

Used Pallet Recycling specializes in the used pallet market. They offer free pallet removal and recycling across the country. They also sell new and repaired pallets.



Repackify is a newer company. They have an online marketplace that allows users to sell used pallets online



Pallet one offers both pick and repair services for used pallets.


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