About Us

Welcome to Pallet Removal, your reliable partner in pallet management. Our mission is to provide efficient pallet removal services that help businesses operate smoothly while protecting the environment.

Pallet Removal is a team of professionals dedicated to making pallet disposal easy. We know that dealing with used pallets can be challenging, and we are here to offer a simple, eco-friendly solution.

We specialize in removing, recycling, and repurposing wooden pallets. Whether you have a few pallets or a large number, our team is ready to help with prompt and professional service. Our services include:



We deliver timely and reliable services to keep your operations running smoothly


We focus on reducing landfill waste through effective recycling and repurposing practices.

Customer Focus

We understand and meet your specific needs, offering solutions tailored to your business.

  • Pallet Recycling
  • Used Pallets
  • New Pallets

Our Partners 

WE are partnered with other comapnies in the indsutry to provide full service recycling for all types of packaging 



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